David Sharp

Managing Partner

David is the founder and Managing Partner of the UP Community Fund.  He is responsible for the overall management of the fund, which includes deal sourcing and investor relations.  David is also founder and CEO of Urban Advisors, which is a national impact investment consulting firm.

Prior to Urban Advisors, David served as the investment manager for Wachovia Bank's community development investment group, where he grew its investment portfolio from $40 million to $100 million over a 3-year period.  The portfolio consisted of private equity, real estate, and private debt investments.  David also served as a Mergers and Acquisitions analyst, Leveraged Finance vice president and Naval Intelligence Officer. David earned a BA degree from Morehouse College.



Tawruss Sellars


Tawruss serves is a partner of the UP Community Fund.  He is responsible for underwriting and fund operations.  Tawruss is also responsible for the operations of Urban Advisors.

Prior to Urban Advisors, Tawruss was a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, and began his career underwriting senior debt with Wachovia Bank’s Loan Syndications group.  He also served as a Vice President with Urban Advisors before attending business school, and worked towards chartering a NC-based community bank.  Tawruss earned a MBA from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a BA degree from Morehouse College.



Mike 2.jpg

Michael Boulware


Michael serves is a partner of the UP Community Fund. He manages technical assistance assessment and coordination for borrowers, as well as the fund's overall social impact performance.  He is also manages impact creation and measurement for Urban advisors. 

 In addition to Urban Advisors, Michael has served in a variety of direct social service roles including mental health counseling, case management, homeless services outreach, advocacy, and psychotherapy.  Michael earned a BA degree from North Carolina Central University.